Shaping the Future of Investments with AI

Our Mission

At Growthsphere, our mission is the use of AI to generate precise, timely memos and reports, fostering quick, data-backed decisions significantly departing from traditional, labor-intensive methods. We also prioritize retrospective investment analysis, aligning past outcomes with future strategies for continuous improvement.

For most investors, state-of-the-art investment decision-making means building a process that connects disparate and unstructured deal-specific information with knowledgeable and experienced human analysts. 

This results in biased decisions with poor use of data. With GenAI and ExplainableAI, human assumptions can be captured into a system of decision-making, drive decisions, and analyze the results of these decisions to confirm the original investment thesis.

To do this, Growthsphere delivers an AI-driven SaaS system that includes the process, decisions, collaboration and post-decision analysis. With this system, biases & errors are eliminated, time-consuming tasks are accurately performed with data & AI, implicit assumptions are captured & mutated over time, and finally, patterns of success/failure of investments are analyzed to enable future investments.

Meet the team

Dr. Ashby Monk

Founding Advisor

Executive & Research Director at SLTI, working to advance institutional investment practices.

Previous Head of Research at Addepar, and Co-founder and President at RCI/Navigator.

Holds academic credentials from Oxford, University of Paris-1, and Princeton.

Rajeev Bharadhwaj

Chief Executive Officer

Rajeev is a seasoned entrepreneur with a history of leading companies to successful exits, including Ejasent (acquired by Veritas) and Griddable (acquired by Salesforce).

Founding CTO of Aryaka Networks a pre-IPO company

Expertise across data, SaaS, virtualization, and networking sectors.

Dr. Christopher Thomas

Chief Technology Officer

Former NLP Lead at Glint, acquired by LinkedIn, and Director of Applied Research & NLP at Kyndi.

Founding Director of Machine Learning at Atomic Search.

PhD from the Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-Enabled Computing.

Our Investment Backbone

Strategic Investors

Specializing in technology investments, KDX Ventures supports startups with strategic capital and insights, aiming to drive growth and innovation.

With a focus on promising startups, UCR Investments provides both funding and deep industry knowledge to help companies reach their full potential.

Angel Investors

Jim Smith

Stereo Capital

As a General Partner, Jim leverages his expertise to guide tech startups from inception to market leadership.

Paul Constantinides


Paul's role as EVP Engineering brings a strategic edge to developing enterprise solutions that shape the future.

Sriram Samu


At the helm of engineering, Sriram drives retail technology forward, improving customer engagement through innovation.

Saar Gillai


A tech executive and board member, Saar offers strategic guidance to startups aiming for technological disruption.

Michael Shepherd

GrowthPoint and StealthPoint

As a founder & partner in Stealthpoint and Growthpoint, Michael focuses on venture capital and M&A.

Advisory Board

R Venkatanathan

Ex-Managing Director with 35 years in global financial markets, specializing in UHNW clients and FO portfolio management.

Mark Potts

Global tech executive, ex-HP CTO/VP, with expertise in AI, RPA, Blockchain, and leadership in ASX-listed tech companies.